Helping to improve long-term outcomes for very premature babies.

What's involved


medical assessment

Medical Assessment

  • A paediatrician will see your child to ask about their current health
  • The paediatrician will also examine your child
  •  It is a good idea for your child to wear comfortable clothing and
    sneakers as they will be asked to jump and balance as part of checking
    their motor skills. The children usually enjoy this quite a lot!


vics study what's involved medical assessment

Psychological Assessment

  • Your child will do a variety of activities with the psychologist. These include quizzes and puzzles that are designed to be interesting and enjoyable for children.
  • The child psychologist will use a series of fun games to evaluate your child's thinking and understanding, speaking and comprehension, hand and leg movement and coordination.
  • For parents you will be asked to complete some questionnaires


Victorian Infants Collaborative Studies

Victorian Infants Collaborative Studies

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