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Iman's Story - The Gift of Life

Featured Story – Iman’s story

Iman (seen here when she was aged 3 years with her baby sister) was born prematurely in 1997 at 25 weeks’ gestation,  weighing 746g and smaller than her father’s hand. She is now in Year 10, is her school’s sports captain and top of her class academically.

She is a participant in the Victorian Infant Collaborative Study which is following up the long term outcomes of all the children who were born extremely prematurely in 1997.

Although her family moved to Kenya when she was 9 years old she has recently fulfilled a lifetime wish to return to Melbourne to thank the staff that saved her life.

Video kindly provided by 9 News.


Featured Story - Abbie's Story 

Everything was progressing normally, or so I had been told, even though I had been bleeding for what felt like the duration of the pregnancy. I’d had several early scans just to monitor the bleeding, but no cause was ever determined. At 20 weeks (mid September 2002) we were booked to have our routine ultrasound and we were so excited. “I’ll bring you guys in the videotape tomorrow and we can take bets on the baby’s gender at morning tea” I told my work mates as I flew out the door on the way to the appointment.

My husband and I sat there nervously as the person doing the ultrasound told us that everything was looking peachy and the baby’s heartbeat was strong and regular. He thought my cervix looked a little short though, and decided to do an internal ultrasound just to be on the safe side.

As soon as the image came on the screen, we knew something was wrong. Surely our baby’s leg isn’t meant to be poking down that far? After what seemed like ages, the technician left the room to ring our OB. I was able to get dressed and we sat together both clutching my little pot belly willing the baby to be okay. When he returned to the room, he told us to go immediately to the hospital where I would be admitted. My cervix was shortened and already dilated about 1.5cms and my membranes were bulging through the opening and at risk of rupturing – effectively I was in the early stages of labour and at 20 weeks, there was little hope that our baby would survive.


The White Family

The White Family

Mark and Penny White with Brooke born 1995 at 38 weeks, Dale born 1997, at 23 weeks weight 540 g, spent 118 days in the nursery and went home on oxygen. Now a happy , healthy 7 year old. Casey born 2000 at 26 weeks and weighed 816g also went home on oxygen, now a healthy little girl.


Welcome to Holland

When you are going to have a baby
it’s like planning a fabulous trip to Italy.
You buy a bunch of guide books
and make wonderful plans.
The Colosseum, Michaelangelo’s David,
the gondolas in Venice.
You may even learn phrases in Italian.
It’s all very exciting!
After months of eager anticipation,
The day finally arrives.


Tatiana's Fight to Survive

vics tatiana

Born at 24 weeks and 5 days and only weighing 604 g, Tatiana's first glimpse at the world wasn't going to be an easy one. Tatiana and Jedidiah MacCartney show good things come in big and small packages.

Jedidiah, who was born at the Royal Women’s Hospital last week, weighed four times more than older sister Tatiana, born in 1999. While Jed was 2.83 kg, 16-week premature Tatiana struggled for life with a birth weight of 604g.